Do you need an office to have a strong company culture?

Do you need an office to have a strong company culture?

Company culture is a set of common principles, objectives, attitudes, and beliefs that distinguish an organization. Companies with a powerful culture have a high chance of retaining their employees compared to those companies with a weak culture.

The reason why you need an office to build a strong culture – 

The environment in the office space is a critical element to experiencing a healthy culture. Many employees want to work in a motivating workplace that offers positive surroundings to develop great work habits. A positive office surrounding lowers the levels of stress and results in creativity among employees. A powerful office culture gives employees motivation and makes them more devoted to their job, therefore, rising their production level.

Causes of continued company culture with the closure of offices – 

Most of the Companies during this COVID-19 season have been closed down and the majority of their employees are doing work from home. Working from home allows employees to reduce interruptions and increase the time they spend concentrating on a project, hence this built strong company culture. Furthermore, it increases the advantages of distributing work. 

With the current advanced technology, office space is not a key requirement to build a strong company culture. The culture believes can be promoted through company chat, video conferencing, and emails.

In our company during covid19, we asked our whole team to support work from home, and we have seen tremendous results. The team is quite efficient, much focused and able to support more than committed office timing, Team can manage their personal stuff along with official commitment. As far our company’s mission it clearly defines the equal opportunity for employees whether they are working virtual or coming to the office to support.