How to get a job when the pandemic hits?

Noticing the situations outside happening with organizations layoffs or any other changes happening in terms of organizing, we can see most of the people are looking for a job change from before or after the layoff. Due to this many get a question in their mind whether to apply or the recruitment process has stopped, but there is a saying right “it’s never late to start over”.We can always try to change the way we reach out to the companies. There are many companies that are not hiring but there are also many companies who are still hiring, we can always approach any companies if they are not hiring. We can still share so that they can come back to us when all the things get settled. So never lose your hope and never stop job search.

Like a coin has both sides, there are also two types of situations that have been on-going. There are companies who have been affected very much due to this COVID, and there are also companies who are still on track and hiring the employees.

There are Ecommerce, Medical, Manufacturing companies  Food, and other essentials that are still looking to hire the people. So we can still have hope and not only these companies they are a few more IT Companies too who want a workforce. Because we all know that in this is a situation no one had ever imagine so even we have to be patient enough in dealing with this situation

Things we can look into yourself better – 

  • Make yourself very clear in what we are looking for and what we want to grow as there are many platforms where we can gain knowledge.
  • Make yourself available for the job openings and the companies you are looking for by connecting with the people, so when the time comes for the suitable opening we will always be able to grab it

How to utilize this pandemic effect well – 

  • Keep updating ourselves in many ways, as we all know that there are many courses available online where we can improve our skills in many ways.  
  • Updating your resume, LinkedIn profiles, online classes, workshops will be an added skill to your resume to keep it in one of the tops.                             
  • Brush up your skills, if you find out that there is a technology needed and you have not used this for a while.
  • If anyone has prior work from home experience, it’s time to use this assert well by highlighting the skills, achievements during that period that gives an extra point for the companies who are looking for the people.
  • So if all these are done it’s time to increase the network but reaching out to most of the professionals by whom we are more inspired.

These are a few things we can have a grab over during this period.

As we know, this period is also a tough period for the students and the passed out batch to make themselves engaged.

How can the passed out students can utilize this period – 

  • Luckily there are many centres available online to access many resources in this remote situation and to learn many technologies.
  • There are also many colleges giving access to communicate with employees

Some quick tips of Job Interviews during COVID time – 

As we all know everyone is doing work from home, there are also changes happening in regards to the interviews happening in the remote. Some types of technologies in Website and Mobile based applications such as  Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout are widely used for online video interviews.

How to take interviews in a better way, when you are working from Home / Working from home during coronavirus lockdown in your place – 

  • The foremost thing is being on time for the interview, and check the things prior itself because sometimes technology can also give us a shock 
  • A quiet place with no distracting elements
  • Make a thorough research on the HR taking the interview and the subject
  • Good lighting and make sure you are in a place where there is less noise and shut down things like TV, Mobile, etc..
  • Try to be in a position where there is a plain wall, so it doesn’t distract the people taking interview
  • Always try to give a chance to interviewer to speak as there might have a few lags sometimes due to which it will become a bit complex
  • One more thing for the people who wear glasses to be more cautious as sometimes the glare can distract the interviewer and ourselves as well.
  • Look at your cam while speaking, close all the unnecessary tabs as we don’t want to distract ourselves by these
  • Prepare yourself well for the interview of what need to speak and what to ask the interviewer

During these situations we are undergoing, it’s very important to have a look on ourselves of what we can gain or what we can control as we discussed about the skill, reaching the people, improvising the network, It’s just like sowing a seed and having a fruitful fruit when the time opens up, similarly making all our necessary groundwork now and when this situation gets in control we can utilize it in a way better. There is saying If one door is closed there is always another door to save us.