HR skills that every jobseeker should know before giving an interview in [2020]?

What are HR skills that every job seeker should know before giving an interview in [2020]?

When hiring there are many things that an HR and the candidate has to go through, wherein a candidate does his own homework whereas the HR does their own homework to select a suitable candidate for their organization.As we all know that in the perspective of HR apart from experience they look for many other skills 

The above are few of the skills which can be kept in consideration

  • Communication
  • Leadership qualities
  • Positive attitude
  • Goal-oriented
  • Time Management 

​There is one more thing that we should look after is – Soft Skills that make the candidate to land on their Dream Job. 

To get hired we often focus on the things like qualifications, skills(Technical ), However, if having all these things, we sometimes lack Soft Skills which can make put ourselves out of the crowd Soft skills always don’t mean it is been restricted to only some parts of the situations or only in jobs, but unknowingly its is been involved in everyone’ daily life  Examples – Communicating and dealing with daily situations in our own way to make them work in a very effective manner is also a soft skill wherein we are using tactic solutions to deal with certain things.

Below are few of the aspects which can be helpful in the Interview time 

  • Communication: It commonly says how we communicate with the people in and around the organization like colleagues, vendors, peers, employees, employers and almost connected with people involved in business

Communication doesn’t always limit to the way we speak but also how effectively and confidently we talk whenever necessary.

This Includes  –

  • Negotiation skills, speaking skills, public speaking, storytelling, written communication, etc
  • Leadership Skills: Includes abilities to lead a team, making the decisions effectively. It doesn’t include only the decision but also standing for the right of the decision making in the benefit of the company by keeping all the personal viewpoints, biases, and conflicts aside which makes the leadership work effectively  
  • WorkEthics: It is basically inherent which in the daily terms hard to teach and demonstrate in the job interview, In a short term it means that what the person feels about their jobs and carries out with duties and responsibilities, Having a work ethic means working in the organizations with honesty and dignity. Examples: Punctuality, competitiveness, Completing tasks on time, etc.
  • Team Work: We can say this is one of the utmost skills a candidate should possess because some require constant work and communication with the other team members. Some of the careers we can say are Market research, Event management, client servicing, etc. Examples: Team player, collaborative, Emphatic, Social skills, Interpersonal skills, etc..
  • Time Management: In this type of work environment maintaining the time effectively and utilizing it in the most useful way. It not only saves them money but also increases the productivity of the company and every employee or employer should possess this skill to grab any job
  • Critical Thinking: It involves careful thinking to make a reasonable judgment, it involves evaluations of skills, facts, situations in drawing out the conclusions

In General Hiring Managers consider candidates who can evaluate the situations and come up with the best possible solutions, few organizations even require the candidates to pass the critical thinking test before applying for the interview.

  • Adaptability: Not everyone in the workplace will share their religion, caste, or other sets of beliefs. Neither less being adaptable and open-minded is almost a prerequisite soft skill in this rapidly changing technological environment. It is all about challenging the differences and going with the flow. It’s always important to maintain a sound professional environment in the organization. Examples: Open-Minded, Curious, etc. 

These are some of the skills which we can always keep in mind and accordingly we can modify ourselves in these adaptive worlds.

Why growth matters to get hired – 

In this emerging technology world, we come across many industries laying off the people of replacing robots, henceforth we should always make ourselves be in this competitive world and to adapt the things effectively so that our place will always be stable and there comes the situation where no one can replace ourselves.

People who are Aspiring and motivated to reach higher levels of achievement (instead of sticking to fixed skills) by learning new skills that can’t be replicated with future technologies are more likely to succeed in the face of these setbacks which are been in the present world.

One thing is never to limit yourselves with anything because we are the people who should always try Evaluating and experimenting ourselves so that we can always be the unique personality person any company can hire. Getting a job is never easy but practising it in our own way and maintaining it in the most different way can always get a job of we dreamt of

Concluding with the aspect that we have to elaborate ourselves in such a way that we should always stand out of the crowd and sometimes it’s never wrong to step into other shoes to know the things in the way they think and react to it. 

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