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Permanent Staffing

Recruiting permanent workers and incorporating them into your company is a key responsibility. As a company, you must involve virtuous people while recruiting permanent staff. We are always available to help you select the right employees.

3leads permanent staffing ensures that you acquire thoroughly screened and competent applicants in any business of your choice. We have competent specialists who devote themselves to assisting your organization to accomplish its goals. As an IT jobs recruitment agency, we always provide our customers with the best applicants at any level, with the quickest turnaround time. We begin by studying your requirements in detail before we commence searching for suitable applicants.

Through our tried-and-tested proceedings, we can identify quality candidates that are suitable for your organization. Our professionalism in permanent staffing services and the network of hiring specialists use customer specified and advising plans to select the relevant employee for your organization’s culture and business needs.

After identifying a small number of applicants, we will commence with customized interrogation to start the shortlisting operation. The leading applicants will have the required experience that is required for the profile.

We also assist you with the final employment offer, administering negotiations, and securing the signed offer letter from the applicant. We also have a continuing follow-up operation.

Contract Staffing

Across the nation, big and small companies are stumbling to handle increased government directives and unpredictable market requirements. You may not want to recruit permanent workers on a full-time basis, whenever things are unpredictable. You desire the adaptability of agile, on-demand employees who are qualified to manage your business processes just the way you want.

3leads Consulting offers dependable contract staffing solutions that provide you the chance to enhance the strength of your staff without recruiting them permanently, helps overloaded workers during crucial times, and keeps work continuing. We have one of the excellent Job placement agencies in Bangalore, providing permanent service, price-effective, and orderly Human Resource administration services to companies that may not have the essential support or inclination to accomplish these labour-intensive duties. When you are recruiting us as your contract staffing agent, we would work just like your organization’s own human resource office.

We have a verified, time-tested hiring procedure that permits us to hire just the right applicants for your organization. We have efficient networks everywhere in the nation which gives us access to a large number of applicants. We intensely screen, select, and appraise prospective applicants to give you the quality picks.

Depending on the requirements of your latest business cycle, our contract staffing services will allow your company to staff up or down.

Leadership Hiring

Our Executive Search exercise is concentrated on Board and leadership recruiting. Our objective is to provide value to each customer we serve and to assist them to absorb the best talent and to build adjustable, diverse employees businesses that are ready to achieve strategic business goals.

We desire to realize each customer’s planned goals, the precise leadership roles, and the competency required to achieve those planned objectives and the culture that the current executives need to incorporate.

Our executive hiring specialists have the skills and contacts to excellently promote our search. Through our prominent skilled networks, industry expertise and internal investigation resources to determine the correct people. We continuously follow important trends in the international market for the expertise and constantly invent our services and perspective.

Executive Search ensures a superior result by targeting and reaching every prospective applicant, not just those looking for modern roles, resulting in applicants of higher quality. We present you professionally to applicants; the entire procedure ensuring privacy, time-bound effectiveness, and price effectiveness. Hr agencies in Bangalore also guarantees the pre-qualification of applicants which leaves the line director to focus on hiring commitment.

With the exceptional extensive research led processes and a customized applicant call procedure, we have indicated unchanging outcomes across global, to each client company.

Recruitment Software Solutions

3leads hiring platform is created on the key concepts of Automation, brainpower, and systematics. We provide inventive man-made Intelligence built on software solutions for hiring administration, candidate following, social hiring, director branding, applicant evaluation, and involvement and worker referrals.

Besides, our platform is upgraded with present machine learning potential to propose appropriate applicants depending on the past shortlisting method. Our software suites are made to address end-to-end wants of the whole hiring cycle.

3leads Applicant tracking system (ATS) is a business-friendly operating system that is extremely modular at affordable prices. Our ATS Solution allows the use of man-made Intelligence to automatically headhunt for applicants and propose appropriate profiles according to the demand formula. Its Machine Learning ability depends on data-driven algorithms to propose applicants based on the user’s former selecting choices. 3leads has a suite of modules that can be licensed separately, in securely merged clusters.

An effective CRM operating system that is simple to use and is rigorously joined into the ATS. Follow the exact-time status of every lead with automobile-notify, automatically trigger their business chance, and tag significant emails linked with them into the system.

Our CRM software allows you to observe your sales group production, their objective, and their motivation quickly while thrilling your customers with little access to instantly view and revise their needs within the ATS.

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